I'm Christine Rabe. (Rah-beh, in case you wondered how to pronounce it), follower of Christ, wife, mother, daughter, friend and a Photographer. Photography is a way to document and capture a time in life to share today and tomorrow. I love that I get to bless other with this. I enjoy learning new things and my heart is to connect with others and create long lasting friendships through Photography. I serve on Oahu, HI and very blessed to call it home. 

L-O-V-E  is also spelt T-I-M-E, and I'm happiest when I get to do that;  I enjoy spending time with those I love. I am passionate about serving others through Christ with gifts He's blessed me with through Photography.  I also enjoy working from home, raising my family, taking beautiful scenic and nature hikes, learning new things, baking, cooking and I've rekindled my love for Disney, through my daughter. I love knowledge and reading. I like to capture people at their happiest moments, too.  

I would be thrilled to photograph you and yours just the way you are in the very places you love to spend time together.


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