White Feather

My name is Christine and I serve on Oahu, HI. with my hubby Brandon. I get to serve along side him which is a huge blessing from God!  Together, we are known as Rabe Squared. We work inside, outside and around our family to serve you!
My WHY lives in the heart of my family. The love and purpose I have through the lens of Photography comes from being a mom of two small children. I want to capture milestones, moments and memories and one day be able to share it with them. The heart of my business is done in love, for love and by love; to capture and embrace the simplicities of life in its element, here and now. Each life stage is beautiful and monumental; it deserves to be experienced, treasured and remembered.
"Whatever you do, do it all for the Glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31  My heart is to serve our clients with gratitude, joy and authenticity. 
Keep a moment of your family that you can look back to remember the jubilant joy you felt in those moments. Gifting others with visual reminders of special times and capturing those memories are timeless.

Inquire if you would like to collaborate or schedule a Photo Session with us, The Rabe's!